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Case Support

Palma Dental Lab provides highly esthetic and durable fixed restorations, including the latest all-ceramics and tried-and-true metal-based crowns and bridges. Our technicians work hard every day to ensure high-quality results for every case. We invite you to peruse our full line of fixed offerings to find the best restoration for your patients.

Crown & Bridge

Seamless Temporary Solutions

Natural-looking temporaries for crown and veneer restorations.

Elevating Dental Aesthetics

Increase the facial height (vertical dimension) of teeth.

Enhancing Smiles

Embrace the Beauty and Functionality of Cosmetic Removable Partial Dentures

Enduring Transformation

Long-term, removable smile enhancement.

Sending a digital case to Sabra Dental Studio has never been easier. Simply select your scanner below and follow the instructions to add Sabra Dental Studio as the default destination on your preferred device.

Quickly send your files to Sabra Dental Studio with our simple file uploader.

Sending Traditional Impression?

Call (201) 891 5669 To Schedule Pick Up

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